H  writes:

Hello Guides, 2011 has already brought a few hectic weeks with ups and downs… and I am hoping this year will bring positive changes! Please can you tell me if things will become financially easier for me, with me earning extra money this year? Also why is it so impossible to get to know BD.. has our promise already been fulfilled?

The guide’s response:

You’ve had some difficult times, dearest, but you are holding your own.  Yes, things will improve.  Do you know why they will improve?   They will improve because there are wonderful beings like you present in the world, willing to choose to do the right thing and often for the growth of others.  As to wondering about that very unsettling feeling you have from that one you ask about, it is as if a world separate from the world you walk in, for that is what it is my dear.  There was a time before this one and now it is having difficulty being again.  Do not force this issue.  Release, for love is only true when it is not controlled.  There are many in your path that seek your eyes. Start looking blessed one for they are there for you.