Janette asks about a relationship that ended. She and her ex have talked about getting back together, but she is going away for six months and fears when she gets back it will be too late.

This dear one holds the idea of this man so close that she is not able to see him as he truly is. She is thinking more about her need to have him there.

Dearest Janette, in your time away, take time to truly see how you strong and brilliant you are. And see who he is as well. In many ways you were not happy. In many ways, you simply stifled many things you needed to be because of the relationship. Give yourself time and love, my dear, and do not worry about the back and forth. There is another, most definitely–a being of great light that will surprise you. You shall meet soon.

Bless you, my child, open your hands and cling not. Allow the love and light to flow through you. Thank him for that which was and forgive him for not being able to tell you the truth. And, love yourself my child.