Here’s an excerpt on destiny and helping others from our April dialogue with spirit guides event.


When you were answering my friend’s question and you said that we’re not here to fulfill a destiny, we’re not on this path, we’re here growing in different aspects in different times. If we have people in our lives who we’re very close to and we feel that they’re struggling with that, how can we help other people?


In truth blessed one, in truth you are only responsible for your own path. There are of course circumstances of great love where you care for others, in trying to help them see, but the greatest thing to do is to live the life that is truth to you. Where you teach that, others will see your light or your path.

I would call you a light but I know you have a a path and a life.  And as you live that life, others will see it and they will follow, hopefully. But you cannot be responsible for their path. They alone are responsible for theirs.

There’s a time, yes where you care for children or those that cannot care for themselves. But as soon as the free will, the choices available to them, comes into effect they must do it for themselves.

The best way for you to help others is often just to hold the space for them.  Hold the love when you be with them, to love them, to not judge them. Do not see what their path should or should not be, but be the love and the light that you are that perhaps they just need to be energized by. For you can be like batteries to one another. Interesting things these batteries.  Never had such a thing.  A way of putting energy into a container.

You know many times in the physical plane there is great chaos created by the, containing of energies. You are seeing this now. You want to touch. When will the physical world understand this? Yes a little bit is a wonderful elixir, but oh no, you have to put it all together in one spot. And then it burns and then we hurt. Not just you; we, all dimensions; caused by chaos by too much of this energy. It is the energy of the Universe. You are not the first society to do this and probably not the last. Enough of my ramblings.