Maurice writes:

Hi there.  I have a (weird) question to ask. I always thought that I have the gift to help lost spirits,  to show them the way to the light or talk to them. Can I?  Or is it only my imagination?  And, if I can, how?

The guide’s response:

Yes, dearest Maurice, of course you can help lost spirits.  And the conversations that you carry are now wonderful and perfect.  You see, these beings can hear you and talk to you, but they do not often hear the beings of light that are there to help guide them.  They are much more attached to the physical domain than to the spiritual place of growth and growing.   And so they are often still trying to still communicate, and you do hear them and they do appreciate your conversations.  And don’t be afraid of it even if it seems rather well, very earth bound.

Speak to them as if they were in the room with you in whole body and form.  Tell them that there are those that can help them and you shall indeed help them to the light.   But also remember, it is still their choice and they will move forward when ready.  They might become very attached to you and this is up to you to control for you are the one that controls your path and only your path.  You are a being of light, you do very well.  Bless you.