Cathy is worried about her Mother.  She writes, “She’s been so lost and sad since my Father died almost 7 years ago.  My brother and I both believe she’d be relieved to find out she was going to die.  Will she find peace before she leaves us or will she have to wait to meet my Dad for the peace she so deserves?”

Dearest one, why do you not speak to her about these things? You are tiptoeing around emotional issues that she desperately needs to talk about. Talk about them.  Talk about life and death and what you believe is beyond.  Talk about things that will make her feel either grounded or choose to not be grounded. She is not a being that needs to be coddled. She is a being that has lived and has learned and grown in many ways. All of you are trying for her to have no pain. But yet she is full of pain. Let her speak of it.  Be willing to listen.  Prepare yourselves, ask if you fear this more than anything.

Hold on to her hand. Very often beings that have lost someone need physical touch. They need to be reminded that they are still present and have things yet to do.

Thank you very much.