My cat Maya recently passed on in March of this year. She was 9 years old and I got here when she was only a few weeks old. She was always very anxious with other people and other cats, and this would often result in aggressive behavior. She was always very good with me. I ultimately had to make the decision to have her put down due to this unpredictable behavior.

I just wanted to know if you see her with me at all. I haven’t felt her around me at all and I haven’t had any dreams about her either. I think sometimes that she is angry with me for the decision I made. Are you able to see her and tell me if she is ok?

Your dear cat is definitely ok.  Actually this little one experienced a nervous disorder so that when some people patted her on the neck she reacted defensively.  It was a peaceful, loving thing you did to help her leave. This one is not angry with you. She is around you still and understands the decision you made.   Remember the sweet times you experienced together–this is the important thing.