Idea girls asks about a technology idea she has.  She says, “The idea itself is a gift I am so grateful for. It’s an idea in progress but I can’t do it alone. Would you please guide me in the direction for success or possibly direct me on how to hear my guides better so that they can help me figure out what to do. I don’t know who to ask for help and I don’t want to give up. There is a man who can help but he seems to want to stop me from succeeding. Why would he do such a thing when my intention is to help him financially and my whole family and make all of our lives more stable and create a service to help my community?”

Idea girl often feels she burdens others and in some ways is mentally creating all sorts of hurdles for herself instead of just trusting that there will be a way in which to put all of this together.  She is often very afraid to speak her deepest need and has learned this because many times in her path she has been made fun of, or belittled.   
Tell her to focus and she will know the way to do it.  That there are others that can help her with this.  She does not feel comfort with this one as he does not circulate with others to communicate.  She feels there must always be a giving in order to receive.  
Tell her that there is love for her. Drink it in Idea Girl by  breathing and by focusing on it.  In truth, you know that you are a good being.