Anonymous writes:

For many years I’ve had situational anxiety and tried to do hypnosis and counseling but I still have this problem.  It is around body language. Can you tell me is this is from when I was a child or details if something from a past life experience? I have tried and tried to understand what this block is. How can I bring this to light and heal from this?

The guide responds:

There are many factors that have created this obstacle for you, my blessed one, so much that you have lost you in this process and it now controls you, instead of you controlling it.  There was a time when you were very much worried about how you looked, how you looked to others.  You judged yourself very harshly for there were others that you felt were judging you.  It was a confusion about where you be–in yourself or in others.  It was a very intuitive time, for you are very intuitive and you do find yourself mixed amongst the thoughts of others often.  Now is the time to separate from them, to see them as separate beings.  And that is where your confusion lies, in knowing where you stop and others begin.

To be, dearest one, first, start concentrating on the wonder of your own being, its breath, its sound.  Do you know that each cell that you have created to create this body has a song?  Your cellular song is quite lovely.  Try to hear it and not that of others.  Try to hear the wonderful sound of your breath, your heart’s rhythm.  And as you start to hear your own song, your own soul, you will then realize that you have created a body that carries this beautiful spirit that is you.  It is the energy that creates the song in each filament of your being.  Connecting with you is very important.  It is this disconnect that you fight with now.  And thus, when you find this harmony and feel comfortable in this wonderful place of a body, then you will start to see others as their own magical place they have created for them.  Not something to teach you but for their own beings.  They are not judging you.  They are thinking about their own needs, as you must think about yours and be responsible for your path.  Begin simply, dearest, do not take on everything at once.  Focus lightly and love deeply.