Hear information and then choose what is right for you

Funtastic writes:

Please tell me what with wrong with the involvement with the Occupy movement where I live. I know that I did my best to make it successful. Why all of the negativity? Did I do something wrong? I know I wanted to control things a bit, but I wanted it to have a positive image. I wanted it to be a success. I even fasted for two days because I wanted all to go well. You know that I received that letter from that man attacking me. What was that all about? And those harassing messages from the many others? Please help me to understand. If I did something wrong, I want to learn from my mistakes. Also, will I be safe? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you did nothing wrong. You simply tried to give voice for those that need to be heard. Those that attack this fear the bright light that you have become. They fear the truth of others. They are rigid and narrow in their beliefs and want to control all on the same understanding. They do not want to shed the light or to share the light you give to them. Blessed one, all beings that stand strong, that go against that that is perhaps the accepted norm, that create thought, that create openings for others to choose change to grow, all these beings come under attack in your physical world. For those that fear that they cannot grow, or fear change in any way, will attack those that seek it, that question, that love freely. Do not change who you be, blessed one, but be wise in your physical world. Be wise to take care of your being, to do only that that you feel comfortable in doing. For the passion that moves you must also protect you. You are a beautiful being. Do not be threatened by those that have not this great passion, that have not this great vision. Be that that you are, blessed one. Take time now to just simply bask in the amazing growth you have done from where you have been to who you are now. This is a different being, wiser, gentler, willing to be, to be the love that you are, to not judge or condone, but to accept all beings in their path where they be. To hear what they may have to say but to not condition that that you be for their sake alone. Take all information and allow it to be heard by you and then you choose what is right for you. That is what you have asked for of them. Ask this of yourself. Bless you my child and know that there are other ways for voices to be heard. Do not let this experience frighten or dampen your brilliance in any way.

She is asking if she will be safe?

She must choose and be wise. What is right for her is if the fear overwhelms her truth it will stop her. She must choose. It is only the fear that can harm her.

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