Haiti & the earthquake–growth for many

Anonymous asks if you could share some guidance to help explain why this earthquake in Haiti happened. Is there any higher purpose to this tragedy, or is this type of physical release of the Earth, a random event? So much loss and suffering for people that have struggled even before this earthquake. Thank you for any insight you can share.
What has happened as you know is this shift in the planet. The planet is made up of hardened crust that is cracked in areas and these plates shift and move and truly, it doesn’t happen all that often. But, as your great Mother planet moves, sometimes it causes great destruction to that that has been built upon it. And thus a new beginning, a start over, much sadness, and much growth. It is difficult to see it as a good thing, but understand that they grow. That they celebrate, that they move forward. Everyone who takes part in the ending of this light and love grows as well.

All things on your planet are opportunities for growth. It is a hard thing to understand that you must learn these things. But it is truth. Opportunities for growth. There are in these places, new souls that have come and have evolved very quickly and this is a miracle. It is hard to understand but in such suffering, miracles are happening. They will speak of it in time. And for those who feel their lives are of little purpose, they are given an opportunity in to help, they in turn give in love of themselves and thus to others. Thus, a great gift. This is a time of gifts, a time of love, a time of great growth. For those that chose to leave the physical plane at this time, they are still very much there, part of the whole. Celebrate in the light.

Originally published February 13, 2010 on the “old” blog.

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