B  writes:

I am seeking clarity of a dream I recently had. Before going to bed I asked the universe to give me a sign, in my dream, if it is right for me to move to Victoria. The dream I had was my girlfriend, who lives in Victoria, picked me up in a vehicle that showed the window of the drivers side was open and clear(where she was driving) and the passenger side where I tried to get in was with a heavy door and blocked by the colour maroon.  When I was sitting in the passenger seat I could not see out the window because of this long, shiny maroon shape.

We drove to where another girlfriend, who also resides in Victoria, was sitting on the grass in a white dress with white eyelets. I hugged her and she was sitting with a boyfriend who did not say too too much and then I woke up. It was a very clear dream but, I am not sure what it means. Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated as I need to decide if I should move back to Victoria or not.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, how wise you are to ask of your inner being whether  you can make peace with moving or make peace with not moving.  And so, in the dream, you created each being in you to speak to you– for that is what this dream is about.  You created the knowing if you were to move your friends would be there with you, that they would help you.  But you also are afraid that you do not have a clear picture of what this would be and how the future will be, thus the maroon block.  It was not something you ate that day, dearest one.

Truly, there is a great desire to see beyond the growth that is at hand. And you must grow and go through it to see beyond it.  So, see what is at hand now, that you have friends there.  Friends you like to be with and they seem to have lives of happiness. You want a life of happiness.  Will you go there? Do you find that frightening? That is what you must look at.  Why would you be afraid?

For it is truth that wherever you go you create your home around you.  There are many now with you but you do not feel at peace there. Seek what you need, my child. I know you want a yes or no answer.  I will tell you that no matter where you live, you will radiate the light that you are and you will find what you need to grow.