John has been working in the healing arts for many years and feels he is at at a crossroad in life.  He says, “I would like to get more clear on my life purpose and direction. Am I to continue along my present path and studies or is it time for me to take that next step and move in a different direction? I often think about being an inspirational speaker and the idea of writing a book to inspire others to live more fulfilling lives keeps coming up.I have a growing business in the wellness sector and I love to learn about the spirit-mind- body connections.  Somehow I feel I am meant to serve a greater purpose.”

Why do you not see the great purpose in your whole existence, my dear one?  This wanting to serve a greater purpose, you’ve been doing it.  You are serving a greatest purpose every second of your path.  You are an amazing being that has helped more than you have any idea about.  As to getting out of it, it is very hard to change when one truly finds yourself feeling good about helping others find their way. To speak about it is a good idea. Yes, go for it.  To write about it?  Absolutely.  Do all of these things and more.

But more important for you is the need to find a place that refills you.  You, in fact, get very drained from just your life’s path.  Not so much that it’s making you ill, but sometimes you get lost in the needs of others, compared to the needs of you.   And you are very important.  I don’t mean that you should deny all those other beings their time with you.  But find a place to replenish where you can be in harmony with your world.  For harmony I believe is your very essence.  That is why you help people so easily; you can step into the world almost like a chameleon.  You change form and help them.  Speak about it.  Go for all of these avenues.  But most of all find time for you.