Michael asked about the welfare of his dog. He says that the dog is wary around strangers, particularly men and he has to wear a muzzle on walks. The dog seems to want to learn but his health is deteriorating. There has been a recent setback and Michael would like to have some guidance.

The situation now with this dear one is that both are nervous. And one feeds off the other one in these situations. So now they must make sure that all things for a while just be calm and quiet and fun. Change the habits; do not go on the same walk. He must understand that this beautiful animal’s sense of smell is much stronger than he might understand and all the familiar things—there is a creature that this one smells that frightens him. So change the walk, go different ways. I know that he thinks it is people that this one fears but it is not.

Is it another dog?


So he should go in different places where they can feel safer?

Yes, and give this beautiful being, the dog, a job—to carry something. Something that he feels he needs to do. This one is feeling somewhat useless right now. Not having enough time with his beloved one. I know they came to each other fairly recently, so there isn’t the strong knowing of what the other one does.
They need to have t a job together, something that they work towards; something habitual and reassuring. Each one is frightened of the unknown right now. And each one can help the other. Be close, be still. Know that each heart is felt by the other. The fear is truly understood by the dog.

Yes, I know that happens. If the dog senses your fear then they are more fearful and then you are more anxious and it builds that way.

Yes, it is very much like that.

So how to stop it is just to change things, change the pattern.

Very often by bringing in another creature, another dog, another being, to show that all is well—this might help. But I do not want to burden the being. He is a wonderful being, and finds himself often in the position of helping other beings. He likes to help those that find themselves a victim and do not see their own power. This dog is not a victim, but a very powerful being and wants to help him. This is a different dilemma; this is why he is confused. But the love is beautiful.

Thank you very much.

Music, tell him to play lots of music.