Growth is so individual and you must understand that there is both highs and lows for there to be learning. As new souls move into this realm of learning they do not have the same consciousness as the ancient ones. They do not have the same understanding as they do not have the depth within them. This does not make them better or less, they are where they are. They need to grow, to experience. You would not know that the flame was hot until you burned your finger in it, so new souls must learn. There is a consciousness that seems very wide right now for the ancient ones. There are many old, old beings present now. They are the teachers, they are the healers. They are the ones who will not want to sit upon the pulpit or be the great leader, but quietly be the teacher and the healer. They will be the ones that pick up and help those that have been left aside. Know there are many ancient ones with you. You may also be aware that there are many very new ones creating a time of what might seem very erratic and unbalanced energies. In a sense, there is not a large group of what you might call middle-aged souls. Thus, the teeter-totter back and forth, the difficulty to get the good leader, the difficulty to find heroes. Buy you will find them, but do not look to the leaders of countries, find them within your own hearts. You can do this. The energy of love is very powerful. There are some very frightened beings that do not know what love is. They deserve your love. You must trust and send love and do what you can in your path, in your heart and in the choices you make. Be present, be very clear in the right choices that you desire. You live in a very complex time. Send all your love. Teach what is in your heart. Live by your highest desires.

Also remember in this time of great emotional upheaval that all your emotions are to be heard. You dwell in these beautiful physical bodies that carry you, that hold you, that are the greatest cradle for your spirit. And in these bodies you have these tools to learn and to grow with. This is not a war of control. All of you are warriors in a sense; warriors on your own path. You strive to control and yet is is not control that is your main desire. It is growth. At your very fingertips lies the greatest growth ever on your paths. You are creating your own realities. You created these beautiful bodies that have carried you that feel and love. Value life, this great opportunity to grow, to experience the light, the love. You might think that I am hardly touching the souls of others, and yet, a tiny raindrop does reach the short of every continent. Be not afraid as fear will only limit you. Be not afraid that you will be condemned by your thoughts; be not afraid to stand as who you are. Be not afraid to look into the faces of those in fear and love them. To wrap your arms around the wounded and filled with pain knowing that your love is stronger. Growth, no matter how great or how small, is growth – is forward movement in heightening the vibration. Be that that you are. Be love.

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