Growth makes you stop and assess what is happening

Funtastick writes:

Around the time that I had a condo in Texas some very unfortunate things happened to me one after the other within a short period of time. It was one bad thing after another. What was that about? It seemed like it started to occur after I helped that dog (the Labrador mix called Tuxedo) or after I bought that black car. Not sure when. Will you please tell me what was going on there. 


The guide’s response.

What was going on was growth, my dear.  Growth.  There will always be times when you will be presented with something that makes you stop, assess what is happening, and make a choice.  It is growth.  It is what the physical world is about:  choices, growth, friction, forward movement.

It will always be continual, but as you evolve each time you will feel more at peace with your choices.  The effect of whatever friction is created will not affect you as much.  And you will not spend as much time asking why, and just simply move forward, blessing whatever occurrence came by to remind you of the love and the light that you are, and that your choices should be of the highest.

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