Thank you for this. I have just moved through a tumultuous time, leaving a bond, moving. Can you please comment on this? I find myself struggling to make sense of the turbulence.


The guide:

Oh blessed one, you’ve been trying to make sense of turbulence for a very long time and your actions truly gave you clarity.  You are simply looking back right now and reassessing what you have already chosen.  Be not afraid, blessed one.  It was a very necessary move, a need to breathe, a need to be.

Clarity isn’t something that you sit before your path and know exactly what you need to do.  It is a sense and understanding within your being that you can now move and breathe and be on your own.  Worry not that you caused great pain.  It was the pain that you caused for yourself that you had to free yourself from.  Growth is an individual thing and you must grow for you my blessed one.  Be at peace with your choice.