Growth is experiencing life in all of its colors and shades

How does one know where he or she is in their growth, or even in the age of their souls? You say that all beings must experience the various conditions of being human: to have power and to be without it; to take a life, to give a life; to be in control of another, and to have one controlling you.

Does the fact that at this stage in my life I have no desire or need to control another, I am abhorred by the taking of life, I feel the pain of the injustice of the world, mean that I have evolved through these stages and am beyond it? I sure hope so, because I don’t want to have the taking of a life part of any future learning. I truly am trying to walk a joyous, loving path to all in this realm.

That prompts another question. How do we know when we are in a no growth situation? Is it when we don’t feel love and joy?

Spirit Guide’s Reply:
No, no, my dear, a no growth situation is often misplaced as being stuck and not moving forward. You could be feeling love and joy and everything, but not taking a step forward, not making a choice, not moving beyond the reality of what you want it to be. Trying to control one’s space and not move a second forward like those that want to stay in their childhood forever, or those that cannot get past the fact that their children must grow and move away from the nest.

A state of no growth is an unhealthy state to be. You would feel physically ill and deny it. So, you would not even be open to the feelings of your body. It is a very unsafe place to be, a state of no growth.

As far as wanting to know how old your soul be, it does not matter. All that matters is what you are doing now. A new form of judgment could come out of knowing if you are better than that one, because you are move evolved than that one, oh, that one must be young so I am better than him. Is that what you ever want to feel or know? Know that you couldn’t take a life, ok, you have done it. So, does that make you feel better? No. Because the more you evolved you are the greater understanding of the human condition you have. The pain is greater. The seeing the sadness in another’s eyes before they have even opened their mouths means you have known that sadness. You have touched it within your own life, or the one before.

To experience every experience in all of its conditions and understand the rainbow and every shade of the colors they are in, as an experience you must learn. And who….do you understand who gets to choose whether you have learned it, or not? You do. And if you don’t think you’ve done it then you must come and return to do it again. And in those certain circumstances you think “well, I’ve done that” and it keeps coming back over and over again, try to sit down and revise as parts of it you have missed. And when in the times of twilight, in between lifetimes, you can look upon it and say “oh, I could have done that one better, or perhaps I will just go back then and enjoy this one.” You see dearest, not all of it is the pain in growth. There is great joy in it too.

So, worry not as to where you be, but that you be and you be in this wonderful process of learning. You can’t stop yourself, or anyone else. But make your choices as to who you, then you will do no wrong and you don’t have to worry about upsetting yourself. You are a beautiful being.

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