Nastassja writes, “I have made several mistakes that have stemmed from me being unhappy with myself, and as of right now they have caused me to lose my fiance, who I love and care for so dearly. I know I put him through a lot, and that I really hurt him to the core this time. I tried communicating through email since we are no longer in the same area, but he is too hurt and has recently become interested in someone else.

I want to believe that somehow things will work out between us, because our love was so strong and I know he loved me dearly, but I’m not sure what to think right now. I want to show him that I’ve grown and that I’m truly sorry from my mistakes and have learned from them, but he won’t have it. I guess I’m looking for some guidance. I’ve been working on reconnecting to myself and I know that things will be okay no matter what, but I just don’t know if I’m being foolish holding onto this and I should just let it go, or if maybe it really will work out between us. I truly believe that if he saw my heart and allowed himself to feel me again, he’d want to work it out. I’m just afraid because there’s nothing I can say to him anymore. Any words of wisdom are so greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time for this.”

Firstly, understand they were not mistakes.  It was your spirit reaching out needing to grow to create movement, action, something, an expression of love.  You were trying to create growth for someone else.  It did create growth for you though, my child.  So, see this not as a mistake, but in the long-term a gift to yourself.  Be now, child.  That that is cannot be undone. It created growth and it is what you are now, a wiser, stronger being.  You will love and you will have a love that speaks to you, to your very being.  Your joyful expression, your shiny light will be seen.  You mustn’t try to put it out by being that that you are not.  For that is what you are doing. You can no longer do that. You are light, so be joyful.