Growth, choices and being your own truth

An excerpt from our Evening in the Circle with the Spirit Guides, 2 April 2011.

K:   My question is: If our purpose is to grow and your purpose is to grow…. So beings on earth and beings in other dimensions are all growing, what’s the point?

GUIDE:     You just want to know the reason for it all. You will come to the time when you will not need the reason, but you will know. You are now starting to understand, when you do or say a certain action that is against your being, you know that it wasn’t right for you. This is what it is about, the knowing, the being one with all. You no longer will crave an answer. Is that what God, Tao, Mother Energy is? Partially. The oneness, the oneness is where we all return. I don’t even have the complete understanding of it. I, like you, grow. We have been asked to speak now on your physical world where there are great elements of destruction at hand. That is what the learning is about dear—to help others. Well I suppose if it all is destroyed we just have to create it again but it takes billions of years.

K: But it’s been in chaos for a very long time. Human beings have never really been peaceful…

GUIDE:  As I said, a learning ground. You will never have complete peace here. You’ll have times of harmony. This is the school, this is where you come to work it all out. To fight, to love, to death and joy. Most of you never even think of these thoughts mostly. You think about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who you might see, who you might touch, but I will tell you that even in those small choices, you have grown. Every action has a sum. So as you grow, you may not even know that choosing one thing over another is an element of growth but it is.

Choosing cornflakes over eggs. There’s growth in that my child. Where do the eggs come from? What’s in the cornflakes? You are all exhausted by the information that you have in your world. I believe that the greatest difficulty right now is the paranoia of what to do in any case? Many of you are frozen in the spot, fearing it must be wrong. Feeling: I don’t know what the choice is but it must be wrong.  And that is why we have come to speak, to say: Be who you are, be your truth. Trust in you.

Don’t look to the outside, but to the truth of it that lies within. You come to the physical world with a wonderful toolbox–your body. The beautiful body that you created to fulfill the tasks of learning or promises. To learn the things that you set out to do, which you probably had decided before you came in but conveniently forget as soon as you arrive.

Why is that, why do you forget what you need to do?  Why not just do it all quickly and get on with it? It isn’t that way my dear. There are many sides to every element of learning, many thoughts.  Your body has senses, these are tools to learn through. You have emotions. I speak too much perhaps. Trust that you grow and that you’re perfect in your growth.

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