Growth, bringing back together all that you’ve experienced

Elizabeth – I’m feeling pulled in so many different directions. Can you help me be clearer about what I should be doing?

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Maturation of the spirit happens many times in a lifetime, hopefully. And you might think this uncomfortable point is not a positive thing—and yet it is. For how can one foresee if one does not understand who one is?

Ah, you know there is a deep well within you, needing to express such pain, such loss. You have shored up all the sides of your being, keeping all things in proper alignment, that nothing becomes frayed, or unsightly. But things are bugging you, aren’t they my dear? Things keep popping up and irritating that that you are trying to make smooth and calm. For you have at hand great growth, blessed one.

You know your guide has said for a long time that he moves through you, that you write or express through your hands great truths—but you always try to make it so beautiful. There is part of this physical experience that is beautiful in its ugliness; that is loving in its terrible torture. No, I am not going to tell you exactly, for it is your key I give you: that this time is at hand for you. Great growth, bringing together of all you be and that that you’ve experienced. No, you are nowhere near the end. But there are changes at hand. You are not alone.

When it becomes most frustrating, hum or sing blessed one.



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