JD  writes:

I remember some things about a past life, and I understand that the more we know about those lives the more they can help our present life. What can I say, the present is not so good, and I am desperate. Can you help?

The guide responds:

Well, dearest one, you don’t have to know anything about a past life to have a wonderful life that you are in now.  It is not of great importance.  The fact is that you have learned and grown and you are moving forward and this is what you should think about. If you feel your life is terrible now, in truth, if you look back over it you will see you have grown through all of the actions and situations and so nothing is terrible about it.

Growth, even painful growth is a wonderful thing in the physical world so bless it, welcome it, thank it and realize you are doing quite magnificent and very evolved.  With that knowledge see yourself as a quite evolved being and move forward. Know that there is greatness yet to be to be, to learn to grow.  Know that in a past life you were in a  time of war so it is not surprising that you know how to shield your heart quite easily. It is not surprising that you are very fearful of anyone trying to control you. It is not surprising, but dearest, know these are conditions that you need to understand the whole of as you deal with it in this life.  How you are in this present state of being? You have already these…oh some people might call them fears or limitations… but dear they are simply vibrational states that hold on from then; they are something you can totally heal.

You can heal the present, the past and create the future all in one second.  So don’t look so much to the past.  Understand that it is there with you.  You have these certain things present with you and maybe through understanding yourself, by examining who you be…(this is not narcissistic it is simply understanding who you are)…. You have not taken a lot of time to understand that.  Heal, be present, now.  And I believe you will see the most wonderful being that has grown–you.  What a great place to be, to start.  You are doing fine, my dear.  Do not worry about it.  You are doing beautifully.