Kerry writes:  May I ask about the many obstacles, mostly financial,  in my mission. It’s hard to know how to proceed. Should I give it a rest or keep going?


The guide’s response:

Oh blessed one, you can’t give it a rest. You’d like to give it a rest. That mind of yours is so magnificent that you will need to always be working and ticking over. I know you live in a time right now where things are somewhat sparse and times are difficult.  But they are exactly as they need to be–because that’s when the greatest growth occurs. When there is a stillness and people aren’t just shooting off in every different way being so busy they don’t take any of their issues to task.

Now then, there are ways in which monies can come to you but you don’t like to ask, you like to be always–well it isn’t so much that you won’t be deserving of it, you are very much so–but you’ll need to apply for different ways. You have great information to help others with. I know you are feeling physically tired but you know that’s only because you are feeling that there isn’t an avenue to express all of this. There is. The time is coming when it will be taken much more seriously and understood more. Be patient my dear.  Though, you are very patient, I know.