Robbie  writes, “Hey there, I really appreciate this site and the chance to communicate is a blessing thank you! I am not one to ask many questions as I realize that the mind will never really be satisfied with any answer that is received(well not for long anyway!), but i have always been curious about this loving presence that I have been communicating with for a long time now.  Sometimes I think it is a direct link with God and other times that it is a guide or one I may know.  Either way it is definitely a deeply wise and incredibly loving presence that is truly with me on this journey.

We have communication; it is through these inner feelings and gentle kinds of touching on or in the body that are not very easy to explain but are truly very clever.  There is also some connection in meditation I  would like if possible to say a thank you to this presence or these beings that comes sincerely from my heart.  They have been there for me every step, every breath and I may seem ungrateful a lot of the time but I have been living through a lot of pain and sadness and confusion.  I feel there is nobody that could ever understand me but this love.  It has been with me through many nightmares and it would be my dream to offer something in return.  I am open to any message they may have for me.  Thanks for being here for me.

Your thanks are known, beautiful one.  But it is to yourself you need to thank.  For you trust and believe and love your own being.  Your greatest difficulty is that you judge what you believe others are thinking, when they are not.  Blessed being, allow the whole of the radiance of your light to shine that they might see you. Hide not any part of yourself, for you are truly a being of light.  In time, you will see this for you will help many.  You fear to burden anyone, and yet you welcome the burdens of others.  You allow them to lay their pain at your feet and you hide your own. Perhaps if you were to share your pain, you would create a bond of trust.  But then they would realize why you can see them. For you have walked a very similar walk, many times.  It is only through knowing that one can help and heal others.  Be not uncomfortable with your pain, but see it as a gift of great learning.  And in time, a wonderful cloak to help you to heal others.  You will find a love, my dearest, as soon as you welcome it in.