Going to another place to escape difficulties doesn’t heal them

An exchange from our June Dialogue with Spirit Guides evening

I would like to ask about my best friend.  She experienced domestic violence in her home and is now studying in the U.K.  Will she be okay?

You are a kind, dear friend. You know about this violence, about this difficulty.  I know you want to hear that everything will be perfect.  But you know that this being will have difficulties and it will not disappear quickly.  She needs to address them and not run away from them. That is how true healing will occur.  It is difficult, I know.

Going to another place to escape doesn’t heal. Oh, it may put time and distance but it doesn’t heal.  She needs to heal; you know this.  What happens when one does not heal?  You put layers of time on it and it  becomes a distortion and leads to greater difficulties.  It may surface as a disorder or an inability to move forward.  If you are the friend you would like to be, speak openly of the need to heal.  I know, it is difficult.

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