Go travel, be out there


Dee – I feel like I have stayed where I am in one place for too long.  I have a sense of waiting, waiting.  I am not sure what I am waiting for.  Twenty three years ago I was told by one of my guides that there was an exceptional human being I was to meet.  I haven’t met this one yet, am I blocking this?

 Firstly, you want to know why you are waiting, as if holding your breath, afraid to take the next move.  Or are you bored with what you are doing now?  Yes, you are very frustrated.  You have a very active mind that wants to push forward and find something new and wondrous to do and you need to do that.  You need to stop waiting.  You need to start listening to the truth of what you be.

There are times in which you do not listen.  You are busy trying to be something that fulfilling for yourself.  After you do it you will say not that much fun, now what do I do.  In another lifetime you were a great librarian and one of your pet peeves was waiting for people to get out of your library.  And still, even now you keep things in such order that it even bothers you.  You are meticulous about things.  And so what are we learning about this?  You need to stop being such a fuss budget over little things, open up to the bigger picture, stop categorizing things, start letting things blend and flow together.  I could give you an equation but that would not help you.

As to the man, he went right by you.  You didn’t even see him.  You’ve passed each other at least three times for sure.  And you felt unusually light and giddy at the time.  Will it happen again?  Yes.  Try to be still.  Try to see all that is around you, even perhaps if the form isn’t quite what you had expected.  See into the eyes of being.  You do love people. You love talking, and camraderie and interesting things.  Be still my child.

Please tell me it isn’t the man on the third floor?

 If I was to tell you it was, would it change anything?

It would have me moving a lot faster

It is not the man on the third floor.  No, you do not live in the same building.  You are actually quite a distance apart right now.  So, go travel, be out there.  You will cross paths again.


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