Giving yourself time and space to decide what you want

Annica writes, ” I love your blog. I am wondering if the book I just started is a good focus for me right now? I am currently unemployed and going crazy not working. What do you see me doing within the next month or two?”

You say unemployed, yet many would want to employ you. There are ways to attain monies to exist; you do not need to worry about this right now. You are a talented being and can fill many different places so it’s a matter of choosing where to put your attentions. But the most important one that needs your attention is yourself right now. Give yourself the time and the space to think clearly as to what you want.

The book is where you allow yourself to breathe–to be.  A whole new part of you is opening up, a part you have stifled for a long time.  Choices that you make now are not choices you would have made before.  Not that they were wrong, but you have grown.  Allow your being to start to fix your spirit.  Give yourself time right now my dear.

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  1. Sandy July 20, 2010 at 5:59 am - Reply

    I have been separated from my husband of 17 years for more than a year now and recently met a man who I feel I could spend the rest of this life with. We seem so much more comapatable than my ex and I were, in every way. But I am afraid of being hurt again, afraid things will change as they did in my previous relationship. Should I trust this new love? I feel I am holding something back because of my fear…how can I let it go?

    Thanks you –

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