Give confidence to a time when your world is filled with fear

TrustI’m just wondering if each of us has a life purpose and if we do I would like to know what mine might be.

A life purpose, why is it that you all want that written in stone, hang it around your neck and drag it around with you?  (gentle laughter).  Why can’t your purpose just to BE and experience the wonder of the physical world?  That each moment you share with another and exchange love or happiness or whatever it is; or even if it is a negative experience to feel it, grow from it and move through it.

You see, many of you, you being one of them, came through a time before, another lifetime, where it was very crucial there was a war, a lot of fighting and life was very much on the line.  And so now you find yourself wandering around saying I have no one to save or hide in an attic anywhere, so what do I do now?  BE.  Be and teach what you be, the trust you have in life.

Now, if you are talking about the way one makes money in your world that is a very different thing. The exchange is a necessary part of the physical world and I understand this.  But as to your purpose, BE, blessed one.  Speak of the light and love that is there for all.  Give confidence to a time when your world is filled with fear.  That is a great purpose.

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