Gina has asked several questions, focused on her feelings of being different from others because of her lack of social interaction and difficulties getting along with other people. It sounds as though she has had some negative experiences and hasn’t been able to get past them. She’d like to have a healthy and close social relationship and wants to get beyond the fear and nervousness and anxiety she feels.

Dear Gina. You have to remember: you are not the thought–you are the thinker. You are the creator of these thoughts. The negativity; you created it—for that is the lens that you believe you need to look through. If you understand this, then you can release yourself from this.

Practice going to the stillness within yourself, where there is no judgment, there is no thought. There is wonder. Do you understand that you’re part of the whole? You vibrate at a certain rate, as others who manifest bodies do. But you are all made up of the same. The conditions or the attitudes under which you grew affected you, and caused you to think—or perhaps wear these glasses so that you see the world in a different way.

People are not judging you, my dearest. You are judging you—and with such harsh conditions. Gentle one, allow them to see who you really are: the beautiful being who loves nature, loves the beauty of the world. Do not judge yourself so harshly. Slowly, I know you do not want to do this in a hurry. But you can. Because once you stop looking through these lenses you will instantly see the brightness, the beauty of who you are.

You are wanting a close relationship, but are limiting yourself from being there because you have judged that they do not want you. Yet this is not so. You have withdrawn before allowing them to even see you. Just try it. You have nothing to fear.

Now—touch, extend yourself outside of your limitations and see how wonderfully warm you will feel. You’ve had an attitude and understanding that something is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. Your body is strong and beautiful and wants very much to help you fulfill all that you have come to do (of which there is a great deal yet).

You have read many things and heard many theories and beliefs but have never allowed your own truth to shine through. You felt confused by the body instead of loving it. You have accepted some attitude about what it is instead of what it truly is. Dearest child. You are a being of light. You are perfect. The manifestation of you is what you need it to be. Let the true light of you to shine through. And allow others in. I love you my child.