A  writes:

I have a question I always have been pondered on since I found an inner peace and understanding of spirit. Forgiveness will set you free, and it is so easy for me to forgive people around me to the point that I am thinking that I might just be stupid. My previous boyfriend was cheating on me and I forgave him since he has a lot of issues and especially issues with being left alone (all relates to his childhood) and then I gave him a second chance (which did not work out). Am I lacking self-worth or is it that I genuinely have a huge heart?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you know you have a huge heart.  There is also a little voice inside of you that likes to determine that you are less than.  Do not say you are stupid.  Do not say that you are in any way a negative being  by loving, by forgiving.  Perhaps the forgiveness must come to yourself for being so lovely and this you will turn into loving yourself.  To love, to be willing to love again through pain through all that that may occur in the physical world is a great gift you give it.  You teach, you do no wrong and no one thinks you less than beautiful.  There is great love for you my child.