I am feeling frustrated with my life and feel like somehow I’ve stepped back spiritually.  My life experiences have involved loss and my early childhood experiences involved a lot of trauma.  And now I wonder if I have been hard wired myself from those earlier experiences.

Well, dear, this being spiritual cannot really be stepped back from.  You cannot not be spiritual, for that is what you are.  What you are experiencing is simply just the heaviness of a life’s path.  Sometimes it just makes you feel like “I don’t need to think about that too much.  It will be there, or it won’t be there.”

But if you truly want to feel that exuberance, that light and that energy again, it is your choice.  It is not about believing or not, it is really about being one with all.  If you were to go out into your world and look into the eyes of others, but not communicate with words, just look, just see.  If you were to feel the coolness of water against your skin, the amazing exuberance of wind as it whips about you. Being spiritual is being of the energy.  You do feel that.  So, you are spiritual dear.

You do not need to have a label, or name, or say, “I follow this route, I am one of these.” You are you.  That is the greatest thing you can be.  And what an amazing being you are! You see, you come from times of dogma and nonsense where people spoke about being good, but then their actions weren’t so.  You want to find that love and light and gentleness, but you will find it through yourself.  For that is who you are.

Following a spiritual path is just following your path and knowing that you are of spirit.  Knowing that you created this path for you to learn, to grow and that might be a little hard to understand.  But before you arrived here, you decided what you needed to learn.  You set about putting in place certain things (tasks, or promises, or lessons or whatever you wish to call them) that you needed to learn.  You could take time now to try to think of what they are, but in truth, you have a few left to do. And know that you are one with it all– and yet you are in this separate entity of who you are, so you can do your work.

I don’t feel passion in my life.

Life’s burdens sometimes make you feel not terribly passionate, I understand this. But you do have passion, you are not numb.  When you see children that don’t have what they need, you feel a stirring within you. When you see injustices happening, you feel a stirring within you.  Sometimes passion is not all about thinking, “I want to go do that.”  Sometimes it comes from a place of thinking, “I need to change that.”

Will my health be alright?

You’ve had a few struggles.  You have a few energy difficulties as your thyroid is unbalanced.  You need some good healthy food and lots of warm sleep and some human touch.  Do you know how important human touch is?  You are all walking around in these bodies and you don’t get enough touch.  Touch, is the greatest elixir.  You are not by any means finished yet, dear.  You have a lot to do.  Bless you child.