Following your dream as retirement beckons

DreamsAnastasia – My husband and I are planning to leave Victoria and move to Parksville/Qualicum Beach in 2015. We are hoping for a better quality quieter lifestyle, a new easy care home and possibly go sailing. My only concern is I don’t want any regrets that I left the home I love in Victoria and my dad, brother and all my friends. I am getting older and feel the need to downsize my life and start going in a different direction rather than be a nurse. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated! Thank you…

Guide – My dearest one, who wants a quieter life?  You, you say this as if this is your belief, but perhaps you’ve been talked into this.  You love to have many around you; you love to have gatherings, people.  I think you’re a little confused as to what you are really looking forward to having.  I believe you actually fear this date you have set ahead of you.

Oh my dear one, you needn’t always work so diligently, you can change that and work less.  This isn’t about work, it’s about whose dreams are you following?  You’ve always loved gatherings, that simple life.  Perhaps you already have it.  You can de-clutter, you can remove many things from a life, those objects do not make you happy.  It’s time, with the faces that you love – this is your greatest gift to yourself, and to others.  You are a being that when you are with others, they just fall in love with you and you with them.

Think well with what you do, my dear.  Follow your dream.

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