Follow the choice that gives your heart the greatest peace

Faith writes:  

I would like to ask if you can speak about this unusual relationship situation I find myself in now, with these two loves, two bonds. What is the best way to proceed?

41447259042261169The guide’s response:

Dear one, you have a strong inner knowing or moral understanding. You desire to harm or hurt or disturb no one. And yet you know that if you should choose one or the other there will be a disturbance, an upset. So to understand this you must truly ask yourself what it is you want or need—and follow the choice that gives your heart the greatest peace.

Both are beautiful beings; both are gentle, loving beings. It isn’t right that one is better than the other; it isn’t true.  Both beings are lovely.  The capacity to love is great within you. You must never fear it. Ancient beings like you always have the ability to love many.

To single out a relationship, this is what you wonder about. But that choice must be made by you, my dear. It’s not that you must make a list of who is right and who isn’t.  Ask your heart, your being. What do you want?  What do you need? Then you will choose. You will choose what is right for you.

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