Barbara asks for more clarification on the a response to her post about being confused by rejection from a man she loves. The guides told her to stay true to her understanding and she would like to know exactly what is meant. She says she still has contact with this man but no longer sees it as a long-term relationship. However she says she has an overwhelming feeling that she can do some good in his life now because he is going through a difficult time with health issues and family concerns. She says, “I feel that I bring a ray of sunshine into his life, he makes me feel that I do.”

The being needs to find her own truth. She does know it but often is weighted and affected by the needs and the thoughts and the truths of other beings. I believe she needs to seek for her own being, its happiness, its security. To not live from the edge but in the throes of wholeness of her own life.

For her needs are very good and important and she must receive love for herself. Oh yes, she abundantly gives it in many different ways, not just to this being, for pleasure and healing from her. But she must find it for herself for she drains herself to the point where she almost feels as if sorrow.

Blessed beings, love thyself enough to find that that you need, that which you so dearly want. For it is there for you. Ask for yourself. Self awareness, self love is honouring, is loving. If all beings loved themselves there would be no need for this physical world.
Know that each being has a struggle in this time of learning.

Tell Barbara to take time for herself. She has been through great upheavals. She is stronger than she has ever been. Love yourself my dear.