Finding your truth; allowing others theirs

Anonymous asks, “Is it possible for people to levitate and shape shift?  I believe it is possible but my friend is skeptical and I’m trying to explain these things to him.  Many thanks for your thoughts.”
Dear one, you can never deliver truth to another being–for your truth is yours.  That is the mystery and the wonderful thing about the process of the spirit.  That being must find in his own time and place what is right for him.  Their truth is theirs alone.  You can only know your own my dear.  And if it is truth to you then so be it.
Do people levitate?  All the time.  Do they change shape?  Yes, of course.  But that is what you have—your truth.  Allow them theirs.  Be not afraid of differences.  This is a good thing about the physical world—it teaches you a great deal.  Have compassion for their truth; and compassion for your own.  Do not be afraid to have a truth that is yours and perhaps is not everyone else’s.  Let it be.
Yes, so often we want to find out if this idea is “the truth”.  It’s the same with the Mayan Calendar or different ways of seeing our place in the world.  Can you comment on that?
Well, it’s usually the middle ground of evolution where everyone wants to be the same.  Very evolved beings, well there is not so much a need.  In fact, they usually don’t like to be seen at all.  And the very new ones well they’re very much:  Hey, look at me and I’m different.  The middle ones state of growth is that they all want to be the same, so they all must be in the same state of understanding, they all want the same vision of what is.  They feel comfort in the mass instead of in the single being.  It’s nothing to be afraid of.  It’s simply a state of being.
So if you are in that state you want to find a bunch of people who believe the same way as you do.
Yes, like feelings.  You feel safe. So you can all gather together and feel you’re experiencing something in a safe way. Yes, they cannot stay there forever.  Do not worry, they won’t.  They will move forward.
Well there are a lot of different groups. 
Yes, yes.  Unfortunately they take up opinions against one another.  Judgment in your world…well it creates growth.  Though it isn’t’ the most helpful in achieving growth.

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  1. Anonymous September 21, 2009 at 2:39 pm - Reply

    After having a disagreement with my partner in which I said something that hurt her, two days later I heard a voice screaming in my head admonishing me not to ever use my words to hurt. The voice hurt and felt very punishing. Three of us were talking about this experience today & those more knowledgeable than I agreed this could not have been the voice of a spirit guide. Part of me fears that it might have been, however, and that even though spirit guides are usually benign and caring, perhaps the bad parts of me have guides that punish to help me grow.Can you comment? Pam

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