Finding your self again

KP writes, “My dear guides…can you comment on the resolution I am presently completing with my former husband ? And, would you acknowledge my feelings for E…is there an old , familiar friend in him or what?  I love the blog and am very grateful it.”

Well, this is definitely an interesting time for this one.  Tell this being that Buffalo Woman is very much with her.  Tell this being that powwows are often needed, but it often can cause a whole lot of fighting and carry on in groups.   This one has always loved family and joy around her and it is a time to step away from it to see whom and what KP is up to a change, a shift.  It is such a struggle for this one because this one wants to embrace all and finds it difficult to separate in order to find KP again.

As to the resolution, well, that is not yet to be.  There needs to be some other things happening and some struggle.   Legally, it is a different world for this one.  There are all sorts of information and nonsense that is taking place that has very little to do with the true embrace of separating.  For KP does not separate easily from anything.  As to E, definitely, past life knowing.  This one has such difficulty trusting in others.  Always felt having to be the strong one, the center of giving, the center of supporting, the center of taking care of and when felt trust in this E, there was an opening.  A true learning that you too could be held up by someone else and this is a good thing.  As to how far this would go and how much you will trust.  First, you must not be afraid, dear heart.  First, you must be trusting that you are safe.  It has always been a burden with you.  For even when you were very, very small you did not feel safe.  You must be the one always the one making others feel safe.  You were the one who had to parent yourself as well as others.

And, so for you it is a relearning.  And, often times, you feel child-like for there was great spaces in your early life that were not fulfilled.  And so trust in E?  Yes, feel safe.  Allow yourself time and space to grow.  Do not always have the answers.  Do not always be the one taking the first step.  Be, dearest one, be.

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  1. nighthawkcof September 20, 2010 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    I asked a question to the spirits a few weeks ago…. about a long distance relationship…. things since then have changed and I am at a loss…. I feel that this relationship is fading before my eyes and I could use some advice… I love this woman with all my heart and I think she loves me… we have caused each other great pain and I am hoping we can heal and make this right. I f you could offer some advice… and yes I know we both know we need to at some point turn this into something real… but advice…how we can heal… how we can get to that point where we both are ready to accept each other… or to a point where we part … I am at a loss and really need help….
    Thank you

  2. nighthawkcof September 21, 2010 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    I should add something to my previous post…. I have reached a point where I just want the pain to stop and where I have the feeling that the pain is just too much to deal with anymore…. I think I really need help here…

  3. Krista September 21, 2010 at 11:29 pm - Reply

    I would like to ask my guides why at times murphys law can come about to such extremes? Im beginning a new stage in my life by moving out and starting school in a new state. Everything so far has gone wrong and it’s left me frustrated and questioning my place in this new life. I need to know from my guides how to handle these unfortunate mishaps with better grace and how I can learn not to let these things affect me as much as they do. Thanks for everything.

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