Finding your own form of meditation

SWIM writes:

I recently began learning more about meditation. I wasn’t surprised when I when I realized that I had been doing so for years but not at a set schedule or even daily for that matter. I didn’t try putting a name to it, I just knew it gave me a good feeling and it was mine. Now, my question is this: the way that I reached this “state” back when I started doing this was much different than what I have since learned to be the “correct” way to meditate.

I didn’t know back then about being surrounded by the light and such but it came so easy.  And now that I seek to fill and surround myself with light I am having trouble even getting beyond the backs of my eyelids. I so very badly want to do this for myself. Please help. I’ve asked God to send me a jump start of sorts. And I think my spirit guide is off eating popcorn and watching a movie because he/she isn’t used to hearing from me directly!

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, I wish there were popcorn and movies.  What has occurred is that you have learned a format of rules and regulations when you needed them not.  So embrace who you are, blessed one, and know that your form of meditation is yours to follow.  You have found a way  to meditate, to be one with, to unite with you and your world. Whether it is to separate from it in a wonderful daydream dance or to be completely one with it, disappearing into the very fabric of your physical vibration.

Let there be no rules.  Let there not be limitations of your being.  Know that when you converse with God that you are one with your universe for God is love and you are of love and that be the form in which it takes.  So centre yourself in love whether it radiates outside of you or be absorbed by you. That is meditation. Bless you my child.  I know you try to do it right but do it your way as that will be right for you.

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  1. SWIM February 11, 2011 at 10:43 am - Reply

    But all this I am reading about of chakras and needing to clear them and so on…. that doesn’t come into play in my escape. How can I go further if…………oh my…… I just had a realization I think….. maybe ….maybe not……
    Maybe because there are certain things I have to concentrate on to reach that state… and those things are very specific for me…. I think it was just the begining process I related to meditation because of the similiarities in the concentration and focus…. But the end results are not the same….. Duhhh…. The escape that came easy for me, must not become meditation….. but maybe lucid dreams? … Thats crazy because I was considering looking into how to do that just a week or so ago…. As it was just a passing thought hmmmm…… glad I didn’t spend that $159.00 on the lucid dreaming kit !!!! LOL…… I ‘ll tell people for free what worked for me…..

    uhhhh….. thanks again for listening to me babble on until my thoughts come full circle until they actually mean something!!!

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