LGP writes:

As a 60-year-old woman who has spent most of her life alone, I decided I could handle everything on my own. But I have a problem with money, as I am always short because I am trapped with financial obligations. I need to get a better paying job within my workplace but am not happy with the thought of working there another five years. Are there other possibilities for me at my age? Or should I just buck up and get on with it? I know I am responsible for my actions but I feel I keep getting nowhere fast.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, I wonder if you see that you are almost two separate beings right now.  There is that that you make yourself to do and the other that you allow the creative venue. There are ways to make more money right at your very fingertips.  I know you fear stepping away from this job as it offers a security that you have locked yourself into.  But in many ways it has put iron chains around you, in making you think that there is only one way for money to be paid. Think of money as an exchange of love.

You are an extremely creative being and for a long time now you have convinced yourself   that it is not important.  There is a creative part of you that is so needed in your physical world right now, and with this you could make more money than you have any need for.  Deregulate yourself and let that great charm and wonder bubble up and create these things that you feel are not needed anymore.  Not so my dear.  Hold on to your anger if it gives you a feeling of security.  But release that creative part of you that you can do and that others do need.  It is right there, dear, do not be afraid.  If you allow yourself time to think of all that you have done, most importantly to know that right before you is the talent and the ability to do it.  All is not lost.