A woman who lives in Dubai named Shemkiba Jamshiti asks a question about marrying a man she met five months ago, and he says he loves her and wants her to marry him. She says she is scared and doesn’t know if he is telling the truth. “If I marry him,” she asks, “will I be happy? Or shouldn’t I trust him. Please help me, I don’t want to make any mistakes that would make my future bad”.

This blessed being is hearing her own being speak to her, and yet denies its worth. Her being speaks of fear and this is more important than whether to marry or not at this time. This one so desires to take always the right step, but doesn’t understand the purpose of her being, her purpose to hear that that it speaks to her. She seeks a whole world of love ahead of her.

She fears that she is not youthful, and yet in many ways she is still very youthful. There is much time to decide this and perhaps in time, if the fear diminishes, she may see him in a different light. But first, she must address her fear; it speaks to her for a reason. Never deny that feeling that comes within your body. Listen to it. It is a tool of great learning. She needs to be calm, to be still, and to ask herself why she feels this and listen for the answer.

Tell her she has lots of time. It matters not what he needs, it matters what she desires for her path. She does not know what love is. She tries very hard to understand a new world with an old world vision. Tell her to seek her own understanding of her choices.

There is much confusion in this young one. It is not a time to make vows that would hold her for a long time. It is a time for her to grow and to be. To be radiant in the light of her own being. She wants to know if she doesn’t accept this offer, that she will never be asked again. Too much seeking that which is not yet ready to be. Tell her: Be in the now, my child. Love your being, grow in its radiance.