Finding a purpose in life

Cory lives in the woods, and she has moved to a new city with her husband, who is wonderful. But she feels stuck in her life. She says “Living in the woods was my life-long dream yet I feel alone and unliked and out of touch. I cannot find a job and I don’t know what direction to go. I feel there is a higher purpose for me in this life and I have no idea what it is. I pray for guidance every day yet no answers come. I’m scared of where I am right now, can you help me?”

Oh yes. Tell the blessed one that this is not the time now to lose her momentum. She has been forward moving all along and true. It is all she desires to be where she is and it has somewhat overwhelmed her. She needs to just take the time and take deep breaths, to truly look around her, study each thing. See how nature has a time when things are to be quiet and a time when they are to take up great energy.

By the time she receives this information she going to start to understand that there is something that she needs to do. She needs to go outside amongst the people, not as one giving them information, but being encouraged by what they are doing. Tell her to speak to the people around her, to teach. See what she can do for this community, not so much what her purpose is, but how she could make each day a better place for this place for her to be.Tell her she has always wanted to be in this very place, and now is the time to just understand. It is the still before the great movement. Often time when a being is in great need of great learning, they won’t hear a lot. But that is actually good.

In those moments of great learning, the voices cease for a time while you find your own way? Is that it?

It is a time to be still. She has much noise in her brain, there is no problem with that. It is the fact that she needs to see the stillness before she will truly hear with her own being on it. Right now she is too busy worrying about everything else not happening quickly, instead of just taking a deep breath and just watching it all. Tell her to be amazed, be in awe by her surroundings. Don’t rush forward, it’s coming dear, it’s coming.

Sometimes when your dreams come true, it can be a bit of a surprise and a shock…

Yes, yes. And then one sometimes starts to think that every thought is going to happen. And that isn’t the case. There is a certain amount of just nonsense that moves through the brain of a human being

There is much talk on our planet about something about the collective consciousness where thoughts visit into our heads that really aren’t of our true self. Is that a fairly accurate description?

Don’t you remember you conversations in the 60s? You could go on talking absolute nonsense for ages. And you knew it was just a matter of putting words together in a salad, but you thought it sounded somewhat what was expected. It has always been the way. For often one that doesn’t truly know the next step to take makes a great deal of noise with words. It creates a diversion.

Yes, yes, that really clarifies it.

There is a lot of time for these things in your plane right now.

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  1. Messenger19 March 26, 2008 at 9:08 am - Reply

    I hope Cory can read the book YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON by Takamori.www.i-ipi.comIt talks a lot about what her feelings, why we have them, and what solution there is.

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