The Artist writes:

What are your recommendations for treatment and recovery?

The guide’s response:

Oh you, my dearest one, you fear so to trust in anything. You want to believe.  You want to know that there is a happily ever after.  But you fear being judged. You are not a fool, blessed one.  You trust in many wondrous parts of your being.  But you are looking for permission, permission to be.

Often beings such as yourself find a form in which they try to express who they be.  And you do this in the many wondrous creative ways that you be.  Trust in that form of healing.   Ahhh, you want to fall into a soft place that will hold you–and yet you do not allow anybody that close.

I make not recommendations other than you must find love for yourself and look not to have permission to be from others.  It is often as if you walk on the edge, or on a tightrope, feeling that if you stay in the direct centre that you will be acceptable to all and that they won’t know that you do not know. Blessed one, it is alright to not know.  It is your work to not know the answers to all things and to seek them.

You have found yourself in a place of pain time and time again   You have been burdened and feel very alone.  Why has this happened?  Because you need to stop and take stock and look around to see your world for what it is.   To see your responsibility for what you have created, to understand that you had a choice in all of this and that you are waiting for others.  When in truth, you are waiting for yourself to show up.

Will there be a happily ever after, blessed one?  If you grow wiser, if you are more gentle and more understanding of yourself, then you will find that.  Bless you my child.  Be not afraid. There is love. You are and shall be in the light of the love.