Feeling the weight of the world on one’s shoulders


This question is from Blaine.He writes that he is having difficulty with an energy that has attached itself to his upper back.He says he’s meditated to try to move it but he doesn’t understand its purpose.He says he wants to let it go but doesn’t know how to do this.

Blessed being, what a wonderful, wise being you are.You know you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.And it is truth.Many times you have absorbed the energies of others and tried to do the work for them.You have truly taken on much more than you needed to.To release this you must…well not backtrack, but have an understanding of what you have chosen, and now choose for yourself.

It is a state of truly manifesting in the physical form that that your conscious mind felt it needed to do.But it doesn’t need to carry this energy.Your body needs to stand strong and tall, filled with joy for its own path.For you have given so much.The energy very often pouring through your body towards others is immense.And you enjoy this.But instead of leaving some of that energy to heal yourself, you drain yourself—thus very open and feeling the sensitivities in the overbearing weight of other people’s responsibilities.

Take a deep breath blessed one, and release all of that that is not yours.You do not need to carry the growth of others.In fact you cannot grow for them.You can only make choices for your own being.You are only responsible for your own growth.Oh this doesn’t mean you cannot extend a wonderful hand for those that are in the darkness.But only if that hand is full of strength, and right now you have given so much there is very little left for you.Take time to heal your being my dearest one.Take time to think in the clarity of who you are, how you have become who you are. Understand the attitudes you have. Understand the different concepts of things. It is a time of great awakening. That is why you feel this so heavy on you.Your body speaks to you that the weight must be put down.Listen to that voice.

It doesn’t mean you cannot listen to other voices or advisors that might try to help. Allow touch–it’s very important for you.Allow others their growth—allow them to give to you.Do you understand that you must hear your own voice right now?There are tears, there are fears—all of which you mustn’t be afraid of.Seeing them, understanding that they are part of you, and that you, a being of great love, stronger than all of this, are able to feel it.Breathe deep my child of light, and know that you are loved.

Thank you.


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