Feeling subtly intimidated at work

MJ writes:

I am in a situation at work where changes in technology are taking place at a very rapid pace. More and more is expected of me and I feel I’m subject to subtle intimidation (from my boss) in spite of taking the lead trying to learn the system, training other staff and trying very hard to maintain standards of service to our Customers. He points out to little errors in front of other staff members (even errors not made by me). I also get a sense of his own insecurities. This situation is contributing to my low self-esteem not only at work, but also in my personal life. I’m not sure if I’m just being over-sensitive or if the situation is real. Any enlightenment as to what lies ahead will be much appreciated.


The guide’s response:

Your perception is correct, my blessed one.   You recognize that he is threatened by your  light and that he probably feels very insecure about the world you live in with these technologies.   The best way to turn the tables here is to be filled with light and smiles and happiness.  Instead of being fearful, respond with “you are so smart, or you are so right, or I am so happy to be learning from you.” Turn the tables, dearest, and you will disarm this one and this one will feel not so threatened.

MJ is also asking what lies ahead?

Whatever MJ needs to learn. I know, I know– you like to hear about exactly what is going to happen and at what time but that isn’t what it is about.  It is all about learning and growing, so don’t deviate from something that looks difficult. Get in there.  Don’t run from something that makes you somewhat frightened or threatened.   Stand still in it and take a deep breath and move forward.


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  1. Tina November 26, 2011 at 9:37 am - Reply

    First of all, I appreciate you all gifting us with a free question, how wonderful! The last 3 1/2 years has been very emotional for me. I have felt uprooted and moved around alot since the deaths of my mom and my cats, to whom I felt close to. I have tried to follow my inner guidance to the many different directions I have taken, including travelling and work choices but am feeling frustrated at myself for not being able to settle down in one place and career. I want to travel yet be able to make a home for myself but worry that I am not financially able to do both. I wonder to if I will ever feel fulfilled, that my feeling that there is something missing will heal. I grew up within a family that valued the different spiritual and metaphysical subjects, so at times even though I know what I know, I have a difficult time coping. It seems lately that when a life-changing event occurs within my circle, I am challenged to deal with the issue 2,3,4 times over within a short time frame. For example, within a month, my mom and one of my cats passed away, and my dad had 2 major heart attacks, almost resulting in his death. Am I doing fine, will I find my way, whatever and wherever that may be? Part of my seeking guidance from you is for some reassurance and peace. Thank you for listening with open hearts and love.

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