Feeling stuck in the past

Maurice writes, “I’m getting older and I can’t stand it!  How can accept it? I’m not scared to die but the future scares me so much. I look at myself in the mirror and I know my time is coming soon  (but not tomorrow).  There’s so much I need to do, but it seems that I’m stuck in the past. I don’t know what do to no more.”

Oh dearest one, you do know what to do.  You know how to be.  I suppose every being that evolves and grows has moments of being stuck in the past.  It is your encyclopedia for learning of what you are yet to do.  It may be the past of this path or the past of many that you have walked upon.  Dearest one, you are rich with knowledge.  You fear being limited; so do not limit yourself.  See that that lies ahead as the greatest part of the whole.  What is ahead is yet to give you learning.  It is where you will help others.

It is also time for you to seek out some fun, dearest one.  Write a romantic, silly novel.  Unleash that heart that so wants to be.  Limit it not but allow that giggling, wonderful being that lies within you a voice.  That same voice that all those that surround you love to hear.  You are not stuck back there.  They love that that you be.  Show them the way blessed one.

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