JMK writes:

Will my career ever go anywhere? I am working with my hubby to go back to our old passion and hope to earn some extra income this way. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in my day job, at the top of my pay grid with no hope in sight for a higher paying job. I am afraid to jump ship or even to go on a secondment for fear that when I come back my job will disappear (as has happened in the past to my former colleagues).

I am stressed out with the hierarchical environment I work in now and have no confidence in my ‘top’ boss. I don’t have the $$ or time to go back to school to earn the golden degree (any degree) that seems to open doors with my employer, even if it doesn’t relate to the job in question. I try to stay positive and be grateful for what I have. But I fear that if something ever happens to my husband, I am a paycheque away from being homeless.

I’d like to believe that all the hard work and high work ethic I try to put out will come back to me in the form of a raise or job offer someday, but I haven’t seen any evidence to give me any rationale for this type of hope. I am getting tired of manipulative co-workers who never want to do anything to help in return, and wind up getting all the recognition/thanks (simply for being the boss’ golden child and not for doing any work on a project.) Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy helping people out, but it would be nice to experience some balance in my work life.

The weekend comes and all I can do is catch up on my sleep to recover from the mental stresses of the work week. I feel burned out. I am very lucky to have a job, but I could really use some advice. The power of positive thinking seems to work better for some more than others. Should I drop some of the commitments I have taken on in my job to reduce my stress load, and focus on my real life’s passion instead? Thanks for any help you could provide.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, in many ways you know very well that what you need on your path is balancing.  You were the one taking on all of the burdens.  You were the one carrying both you and your partner in many ways.  You are trying to keep everyone happy and well.  And, it is true, the exhaustion is telling you that you need to share this load.  It is not all up to you.  Do, by all means follow your passion.  As you know you have a great need to help others and to heal.  But do not go under doing it, dearest one.  Allow others to help you; ask for it.  Allow others to carry the burdens as well, in particular, your mate.  For many times you are so willing to step in and do all of the work.

You are truly a wondrous being and you shall have that that you seek.  Be very clear on how much work and its toll upon you and reduce that in whatever way you can.  Many things you choose to do to help others, truly, they can do their work and you do yours.