Feeling one has been born into the wrong body

Pam wonders how to continue her journey feeling she has been born into the wrong body. She says, “I wonder if it is possible to become integrated, balanced and grow if I can’t resolve feeling I have been born into the wrong body and my life has been one of trying to hide and stop hurting so much; it is also possible that I am too old for the journey…I just don’t know.”

Dearest one, you have achieved a place, a maturation of soul. This is the true understanding of who you be. And it can often collide with the body that you are in.

You see the gender of the body that you are born in, is truly an act of chance within the physical world. (Though I do believe that time will change, but at this point, it is an element of chance.) You didn’t choose to be one or the other. Thus, your spirit may be familiar with a different form. And so you may be unsure, or uncomfortable with this body that you have manifested. Love it, accept it, and be that that you are.

You have helped so many beings. You have hidden your need, your voice for a very long time and have allowed others their voice. It is your time.

There is no such thing as being too old my dear. You are talking to a being that is, well, a great deal older then you. For age is within the spirit. It is a vibrational rate of your being and you are an amazingly wonderful being. You are (as all are) a fracture of Mother Energy, God–and that is perfect.

Speak from your heart my child and trust that all that surround you love you. They do. Love yourself enough to be.


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  1. Anonymous August 8, 2009 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for these treasured words. I will re-read this many times.Pam

  2. Louise November 13, 2009 at 11:47 am - Reply

    Hello – I am in the process of discovering many things about myself and my abilities and I have recently realised just how much energy time and patience this will require. I have however made a decision to leave behind me altogether my work as a nurse as I truly understand for the first time how destructive this work has been for me.So whilst I am trying to move forward on my own journey I find that I need to work – I like to work and that my husband needs my help in his business right now- it feels right that I should focus on this at the moment – but am I making the right choices in my own development – I think it will all make me stronger and more able to work on my own journey ultimately – am I moving in the right direction? Also can I ask – did the people who came to me for help get where they needed to go ?

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