Feeling lost in the dark without a flashlight

RMW writes:  Hello and firstly for all involved thank you for your time,your love and patience. While this may not be important to the growth I am now experiencing, I would appreciate some advice on this subject. I have always had trouble with the opposite sex for as long as I can remember.  Any girls I spent time with broke my heart one after another like dominoes falling down.  I’m a hopeless romantic (as we would call it here in the physical).

I don’t know how I can have any humour about this because I am a sad spirit to say the least.  I suppose I should be learning and accepting, just loving all these people without expectations as I do find all beings to be amazing. It does hurt though.  Maybe something, maybe there is one big thing that is out of balance that is causing all this hurtful emotion.  You spoke to me before that I would choose to love or be with another again but I am not so sure if it is ever for me.  How could anyone be with someone with so many troubles?  I always have love for many beings but I stay clear from them as I would never want to bring this pain or any hassle to their life, to my friends.  I am never afraid but I am lost in the dark and I could do with a flashlight. I honor all that you are with all that I am. Would you have any words for a lonely young man?

Dearest one, you are not lost in the dark.  You are the light in the dark–for so many.  To love is a natural way for you.  It would be very foreign for you to stop.  I know you speak this way because you want us to understand your pain.  But loving is as natural as smiling and breathing for you.  Yes, of course, you will love again.  You love love.  You love romance.   The outcome, what is it you expect? There is a part of you, gentle one, that is a little bit controlling.  Just be, to allow others to be, to grow, to understand that it is a balance back and forth.  At times in a relationship each must take a turn to grow.  Perhaps it does not happen together, but to be patient and allow them for the time will come when it will be you to grow.  Relationships are not one harmonious passage.  They must have friction for there to be growth, blessed one.  I don’t need to hand you an artificial light for you are truth.  Be it my child.

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