Feeling lonely and tired

Scarlet – Hello Guides, am feeling so very lonley. Lonely and tired. Tired of feeling lonely. Is there anything you can tell me about those close to me, my partner or family or myself that will help me ease this terrible feeling. What to do? Much love and thanks to all who come together to create this wonderful blog.

Well, my dearest, in a way you have created this situation.  No, I am not blaming you, but you are very much have to do it yourself, do it perfectly, ask for no help, never speaking of your inner most needs, or feelings.  He is busy. He is not seeing you.  He is not hearing what you speak.  He is not very intuitive, dearest one.  He doesn’t pick up on your signals.  He doesn’t know that you long for that lovely joyous intimacy, or conversation.  He does not think you need him to see you and all of who you be. 

If you would say it out loud right now, that way, he would be confused because he would say you look fine.  That is not what you want, my dear.  So, you must begin a process of bringing him into your world, as if educating him on you.  Little discussions and then checking to say something I know you would be interested in just to make sure he is following suit. 

He is not a bad person, by any means, my dear, you’ve just in subtle ways you have spoiled him, my dear, met all of his needs and made sure he didn’t have to think too much about you. And you must be the one to change this, dearest. 

As to your family, dearest one, you have been the peacemaker, the one to fix it, the one who did all of the planning.   You have to let them know that you cannot change them if they choose not to. 

So, you must find ways in which to make yourself happy and be seen.  You’ve sort of closed yourself off in a way from any other communications which you’ve had and it would be very good to start opening some of those.   Old friends that you haven’t spoken to for a very long time have become very busy.  You need to look outside of that now and seek that friendship. Share who you are with them. 

You are a wonderful, talented being.  You are a great friend if you allow yourself time.  You have great abilities to help people with their problems and in so doing this they think you have none.  It is alright for you to talk about what you need.  It is alright to ask for help, dearest.   Don’t think they will think less of you.  They will feel loved enough to be asked.  Bless you, my dearest.

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