Feeling is the most important thing right now

WalkDA – I’m in a time of flux now. I want to walk beaches and devote more time and creation with my volunteer alignment. Is this a window for a change of direction? OR, do I need to shift my attitude, find a familiar work position and be thankful of the financial support this brings my way? Much love and thanks.

Dear one, blessed dear one. I know you feel abandoned, like you have been set out to sea. But the opposite is true my dear. You have never had as many as you have now working with you. And of course you will not always be able to hear them all.  You are in a time of such growth, such development. And yet you feel still—because the growth is at hand, blessed one. The growth lies in the choices, the feelings, the opinions, the understanding of who you are. It has nothing to do with a job or a volunteer or anything like that.

And you know yourself, you’ve had a sense, that this is a very big time. That things could go either way for you. And it is true: great growth is at hand.

It’s all right to ask the questions, it’s all right to query back and forth. Who are you?  How did the sum of every experience in this lifetime bring you to this time? Why do you feel the way you do about yourself–in this time?  What have you been dragging with you all along, afraid to open, to look at?

You can busy yourself with job after job, but that’s not what this growth is about, blessed one. I’m glad you are asking. Walk on the beach, feel the sun on your skin. Let go of that tension that is so tight in the pit of your being that it blocks the sun from you.

And it’s all right not to think even, if you do not want to ask questions.  But dearest, the most important thing for you to do now is to feel—to feel like you have never felt before. Your skin, your every nerve cell—to feel it and let that feeling speak to you of what it is you’re choosing now.

You are a strong, radiant being with a very great ability to love. So much that you would lay down your need for everyone else’s.  And now you don’t know how to pick it up.  I’m not telling you your work, I’m just showing you who you are, and what you are doing.

Bless you my dear. My love to you and all the beings that surround you love you.

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