A growth spurt? Feeling frustrated and not in touch with her guides

UncertainI seem to be in turmoil right now about who my guides are as I have not been able to make contact with them because of stress.  Is there a changing of the guards, my guides, and will I be able again to access them as I have once done for many years?

You are very right to assume that there can be a changing of the guards.  You do enter into different times of growth and learning.  You will experience new beings (guides) coming to be with you, this was already set in process.

When one is in the greatest time of learning you will often feel the most separated from those beings that help you.  It doesn’t mean they are not there.  It means it is your turn. You must grow, you must ask for yourself and you must choose for yourself.

You are very frustrated.  You do not see that that lies ahead.  There is a great, great wondrous, joyous event in your life. Not yet there, but not far.  I know I am not good with time.

Now, my dear, I am not dismissing you.  I am saying just be calm, be still.  Know that you are not alone, that you have beings with you.  These beings are not new, they are ancient, and you are doing some great learning right now.  Part of learning sometimes is feeling the separateness of being in a body, a frustration of its limitations, feeling its whole sense of being, and how wonderful it is to hold you. It holds you like the finest perfume.  You are an essence of what that beautiful body holds.  But it can cause you difficulty from time to time. Don’t be frustrated. Embrace the frustration. It is what makes you so creative.

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