Feeling drawn to live in another place

Richelle writes:

Hello Guides,  I reside in the prairie provinces of Canada, and for several years have had a strong yearning to move west and live in a province that has mountains. My first trip out west was to visit one of my cousins and I had never before been around mountains. For years after that first trip I feel as tho that place is my true home, that I have left my heart there and that I will never fully feel happy until I reside there permanently. I crave and love the wilderness and the energy that the mountains have. I long to be there, but I see no way of this coming to fruition as my husband doesn’t have a desire to move away from his job and family. I myself can’t even fathom leaving behind my family, or even figuring out how to make a drastic move like this work.

I don’t even know where to begin, let alone trying to ignore the guilty, scared feeling I get when I think of leaving family. Despite these feelings, and my husband not really liking the idea, I want to know if living amongst the mountains will ever happen in my life. I feel like until I find out this answer I can not be fully happy where I am living now because I want to be somewhere else. If moving to the mountains won’t be happening in my current life then I feel like I can accept that and concentrate on the life that I have here at my current home.  I thank you so much!

The guide’s response:

Dear one, dear one, you returned to this amazing energy you remembered from a time before, a place of joy, of happiness, clarity of thought, a cool touch upon your skin.  You have lived in this vibration before and so it is not surprising at all the familiarity and the wonder and the love that was (and is still) part of you to remember it.  You do not need to leave any state of where you be to remember and be part of this–for it is within you, my child.  It is not in a separate place.  And yes, you may think you are spending time day dreaming, but this is remembering it.  It is part of the vibrational code that is within you.  There will be other places you will visit in time and they will be familiar too.  You are very attached to your ties, sometimes not for your own good, my dearest.  You should take note of this place giving you peace and harmony, a place to go to recharge, to fulfill parts of your being.  Don’t see your path or your lifetime as a limited place of being.  For that that lies before you, my child, is the very energy that be you.  You don’t have to understand the previous existences to know the familiarity.  Accept it and bring that joy or place to where you be.  Share the wonder of you with all those that you love, my dearest.  Don’t imprison your being.

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  1. willow November 27, 2010 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    Hello again. Thank you for your last spot on advice about men. Knowing you cannot tell me exactly what to do would you possibly give me some clear intructions on handling my biggest worry. Career. Who to talk to, where to go? Anything Please? Thank you.

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